Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm not gonna write you a love song

love eh. As Jason Mraz's new album title says love is a four letter word. We do overuse it a lot I believe. Honestly I love love even though I don't truly know what it is. Maybe the mystery is what makes it so enticing. 
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I sort of love all kinds of love.The kind where I love Allah and that is the most important relationship in my life, the one between the creator and me. The kind where I love my parents so much and they mean the world to me. The kind where I love my friends and I'm just so glad they came into my universe. The kind where I love my country and am proud to be here. The kind where I love music, shoes, books and good things in life. 
I have never really been in love. I have only read about it in so many great, sometimes tragic, and sometimes not so great love stories. I have only heard songs about love and heartbreak. I have only seen gazillions of Hindi movies about love. I have only heard people being in love. It gets annoying sometimes, but I know it'll happen. 
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I guess I'm not really the best person to talk about love. But I want to feel that. I want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like how when I see a pretty pair of shoes, but I want more than that materialistic urge. Maybe my friend Isaac was right when he said that I live in a fairytale. 
All I know is that those people who know this feeling, I hope it brings happiness to your life and not pain. 

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