Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Playlist

It's been a hectic week, and music has been my inspiration to do some work, like laundry and folding. I love ironing, and even folding to some extent. The washing part is not my cup of tea. I am still to figure out a way to make this work. Maybe I can spray the clothes and iron the bajoojies out of them and fold them and act like nothing happened. Hmm. So, this week I'm listening to;

One More Night by Maroon 5
I have been meaning to put this song for the last three weeks but forgot every single time. I also forget this song's name and have been calling it One Night, and even One Time (oh the horror). But seriously, I love this song. The beat is awesome, the lyrics are fun, and the video is the best. I mean, how can you not love a woman who leaves with everything but the guy's goldfish. That has to be an understanding woman. :P

5-1-5-0 by Dierks Bentley
It is such a fun song with crazy lyrics and makes you want to dance and sway and run around like a crazy eyed monster. Maybe not the latter, but beleive me this is good. I have never heard any other song by this guy, but I have made a mental note to check out his music. :D

Both of Us by Taylor Swift ft Bob
I love Tay like the next Swifty and I'm generally positive towards Bobby Ray songs but this one stuck out as odd. Ok, most rap songs sounds odd to me. They keep talking about the most randomest stuff and generally don't make any sense to me. I love the Tay's part though and yes, I do want to be strong enough to hold everything and all, so in some way she made just that two lines make the song relatable. All I can say is, that is what Bobby Ray wrote for us. Yes, that line is really from the lyrics. I'm at a loss for words now.

Postcard from Paris by  The Band Perry
Ever since If I Die young, this band has been in my radar (also due to the fact that it is named Perry, which is the name of Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus/secret agent.) and this song is almost as amazing as the first. I mean "Like a postcard from Paris when I've seen the real thing." is so true. I wouldn't want a postcard when I can go and see it my myself. I feel like this song is very me someway. Oh well.
Burn it Down by Linkin Park
I guess my taste in music is getting a bit versatile. I like this song. I don't really know why. 

Chasing The Sun by The Wanted
THIS SONG IS THE BOMB. I've been singing it in my head while I walk and it is amazing. When people say random stuff, I want to shout "They said this day wouldn't come, we refused to run, we've only just begun, you'll find us chasing the sun" back at them. I love evrything about this song. The video was amzing as well. It is now in the second place in my motivational songs list. The first is ofcourse The Climb by Miles.

Saiyoni by Ai Azmat
Great song, amazing lyrics, lovely music. The usual kinda hinsi song that I love and could talk about for ages. 

So far, I am having an awesome week. I found a water bottle shaped like a rectangle, lots of Orbits and a really well dressed lady. Everything makes sense now.

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