Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favourite Websites: Tiwiii

I'm a little surprised that I haven't blogged about this awesome website yet. I keep telling about it to everyone I know, because I love it so much. Just like how I tell everyone they should use Tweetdeck, buy a Filofax and drink Fiji water. 

Moving on, Tiwiii is this website made by a Maldivian for those of us who love TV series and wants to keep track of what we watch. It has the easiest user interface ever.


So, that's how the website looks like, a sorts of picture board of show, and you either sign in via twitter or Facebook and start favouriting shows, adding them to your currently watching lists, liking and even tuning into particular episodes to track what you're watching. 

Why I love it is because it is so simple. I can easily see how many shows I'm watching and keep track of which episode I last watched and check out what my friends are watching, what's rated highest and discover new series.

I used to make lists on Listal to track series  but since it's most based on movies and don't exactly show episode names and stuff, it gets very difficult, but not Tiwiii. I can easily just click a button and add them to my currently watching and ta-da!

So, here's how I use it. In my favourites, I keep series that I have finished watching till the end or until it's cancellation and in the currently watching you can see the series I am currently watching. 

tiwii 2

I have a lot on the currently watching list because I normally tend to start watching new series and then have a hard time getting to watch the rest of the series. Also I usually collect all episodes of a series and watch it when the series ends because that makes it easier to track. 

So, basically; it's just awesome and I love love it so much. So here's a shoutout to the awesome person who made it, Maail. You rock!

Be sure to check it out and if you decide to join, let me know your name so I can snoop on what you're watching and judge you (not!). ;)

All images from Tiwiii


  1. Sounds like an awesome website! Thanks for sharing it Shaha, I definitely need something like this! :D

  2. Thanks Shaha. :)

    New updates and an iOS app coming soon. ;)


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