Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Books

I am very much in a reading spree these days. I regularly read at least two books, one physical, one e-book and it's amazing. Here are the books on my June reading lists. 

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The Not Just Anybody Family
A very adorable book about family and childhood. Brought back lots of good memories and the characters were so lovable. heartwarming, all around nice book. 
Rating: 3/5

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Currently Reading
The Casual Vacancy
I cannot believe I am still reading this. Honestly, I haven't read a word all month. I am baffled by how my favourite author who made my childhood so magical could also something so boring. So very boring, but I am determined to read it, because I never leave a book I started unfinished

Girl in the Water
Loving this book so far, so thought provoking, making me re-think the sibling relationship. I also like the way the story is told. Sometimes though, I wonder how the author so clearly remembers things from when she was two years old. 

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To Read
Til the Streetlights Came On
I love the title and how intriguing it is. This book is about lessons learnt from childhood games and I cannot wait to read about all these nostalgia arising things. 

The House at World's End
A story about three adventurous children who are sent to live in a house at world's end when their own house burned down. My sister read it and she liked it, so I;m sure I would too. The title again, is very interesting. 

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A Game of Thrones
Imma gonna find what all this fuss is about. I can't believe I haven't read this already. I want to read first, and then watch the series. 

Raising Dragons
A boy finds links to a dragon past, while a girl has known long ago and they team up, sounds very interesting. Which species has not had human interference? Vampires, zombies, cats, and now dragons. 

There are Reasons Noah Packed no Clothes
The title is extemely introguing. Noah,packing, no clothes. I'm already thinking of a million storylines. It's about a 19 year old guy named Richard and his life. 

What books are you reading this month? I would love to hear book recommendations. 

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