Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We are up all night to get lucky

Life has been weird. I want to say it's exciting, but not really. It's not un-exciting either. I've had great times with people and everything. Somehow, I feel like things could get better. 

There were almost breakdowns (eep, I know, it's so scary!), lots of binge eating, watching too much 2 Broke Girls, rejections, cancelled meetings and little happy things. Exciting things are lined up for the next weeks including runs, more volunteering, cooking, and clothes. 

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Work is as usual very fun and home is a place to just sleep and watch last week's chocolate fudge slowly disappear, unable to eat. (sigh!). There were birthday celebrations, inhaling helium and talking funny and running to get some flowers just because. When is this crazy town going to appreciate flowers? 

Here's to more apple juice and chocolate milk, buying flowers just because, hearting on a giant muffin tray, wishing for more days to read on bed, and trying on shoes that you cannot buy. 

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