Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Most Popular Girls in School

I have very recently been watching Youtube regularly. Previously I would just scroll through some and not be subscribed to anyone. But now, between Saima's fashion posts, Ellen show, Teens React and hilarious musicals, I hardly have time for anything else, haha. 

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One very fun thing I discovered is this web series called The Most Popular Girls in School (TMPGiS) and it's crazy funny. There is more than enough inappropriate language ans swearing and soncisdering it's a show done using dolls, it's kind of hilarious. Mainly, the cast is filled with Barbie and Ken dolls. It's based on the day to day happenings within the popular girls in Overland Park High. There are the three cheerleaders, the rival family, the geeky weirdos, the jocks, the one gay guy, and the new girl. The fun thing is that everyone is called in their full name and really weird stuff happens. 

I love Saison and her "crepe" jokes, Brittany's temper, Deadra's arm thing, and Than. The episodes are very short, but they are filled with so many jokes. I found it during 12th episode, and I watched all previous episodes and since then have been a major fan. 

Other web series I love include the React series (I'm not a fan of Elders react though) and Emo Dad. What are your favourite web series?

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