Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspirational Women: Saima Chowdury

Some of you might already know how much of a big obsession I have with this Youtuber named Saima, who might be mostly known among you guys for her Sexy hijab tutorial. I don't know how I found her channel, I think I was going through some hijab tutorials and I loved her ones and then I probably subscribed. Great decision!

This girl is funky, and she's all kind of amaze-balls. I love her style and her vlogs are so much fun. She talks really fast though, but then again, doesn't all cool people? She is kick-ass and the way she handles the haraam police is super fine.

She's one f those people whose videos can just make your day and I may or may not have "borrowed" her hijab style on more than one occasion. She inspires me to stay true to myself no matter how hard the world around me can be. I would definitely recommend her channels for everyone. She is funny, resourceful and inspirational! Here are some of my favourite Saima videos. 

This is my facourite hijab style video from her, ever. I try this sometimes and I love it. 
This video is all kinds of fun and her comments in this video are the best part! Also, that headband is amazing. 
Even her life story is inspiring. I wish her and her batman all the best and keep posting! :D

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