Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Playlist: Eh Eh

Ah, been so long since I posted about my playlist, eh. It's been rather music-less days. I hardly remember to listen to any. Every day is extremely busy with work and whatnot. Anyhow, here are some songs that I'm currently loving. 

It's Time by Imagine Dragons
I am definitely a fan of Imagine Dragons now. They are pretty crash and I love their songs.This song reminds me of a Bollywood song, and you all probably know that I love the B-town!

Girl at Home by Tay
This is another Tay song that just clicks. I love her revenge kinda songs (and most of her songs are like that). This song is about her trying to stay away from a  guy who's already occupied. Kinda fun.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy
Not exactly my kind of music, but this song is very nice, easy to listen to and I love the title. Yes, I sometimes judge songs by the title. Honestly, I can;t be the only one. haha

Troublemaker by Olly Murs
Since I first saw this video, I knew that I was gonna end up loving this song. It's so fun, so uplifting and the beat is amazing. Also Olly is pretty hot. Pretty and hot. 

Downtown by Lady Antebellum
Everyone pretty much knows that I love country (and some despise that, oh well!) and this song is so very me, so beautiful. Lady Antebellum is definitely one country band that I keep the tabs on, because they are awesome. 

Hall of Fame by The Script
Again, not my type of song, but recently, I have been opening myself up to new music styles and haven't been disappointed. This song is very inspiring and I absolutely love the video. 

Started from the Bottom by Drake
Some Drake songs are nice, like this one. Some, not so much. This however is not a regular because I often get annoyed by it, but this song is amazing in small dozes. 

So, that's pretty much it for right now. I am putting together a Self Love playlist for motivational purposes and it's definitely helping. 

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