Sunday, June 23, 2013

LTLT Majeediyya

Last weekend, I was at an LTLT training. For those of you who don't know LTLT is a Learning to Live Together program hosted by Democracy House where I often volunteer. Wuff and I were the facilitators and along with four really cool volunteers (yes, I am talking about you! You Wannabe CG but TCG Areen, the tall dude Iyad, the girl who got stared by the CG Shafa, the totally awesome teacher Isham and Zaain of whom pre-pubescent boys are apparently intimated by. haha, you guys were so much fun!) we held this awesome two day training for 30 something eighth graders. 

It was so much fun. We had to learn their names, play really fun games and leave (and sometimes get ) funny, weird and cool mails on our mailboxes. We started with simple name games and team building exercises and then went to deeper discussions abut stereotypes and conflicts. We showed inspiring videos, talked about random acts of kindness and they all made plans for really cool projects. Them kids were so mature for their age and they have so much potential. It was truly inspiring and I can't wait to see how they would turn out 5 or 10 years later!

There were also so many memorable moments playing fun games, eating together, taking crazy pictures and being excited about cool kids. 
Here are some pictures, coutesy of Isham.
WIZARDS! We were the best!
Also, I love this turf ground. Look at us being very interested in their solutions for the conflict tree. 
Me, in the middle during the stereotyping session, which is one of my favourite sessions.
AND US! These kids are seriously amazing and so were their parents, who provided us with food! A parent also brought snacks for the kids to munch on. It was one of the best work-weekends ever!
and ofcourse, no LTLT would ever be complete without selfies by wuffle and I. Also green. :3

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