Monday, June 10, 2013


If you have not heard of Youthfest, then you are about to. It's this really really cool website with articles for youth, by youth and I'm one of the writers. Yes, having a blog and running a magazine is not enough writing for me. :P

So these two really cool guys named Xef (Captain Xef Sparrow, for those bloggers!) and Asward (reporter extraordinaire from Raajje TV) decided to do an online magazine and they were nice enough to invite me into this and me being a supporter of all youth related things, I didn't even have to be convinced. We also have some other amazing writers and good friends and Youthfest content meetings are just brilliant with all the ideas and fun and controversy about it. 

I write about fashion and column, and just about anything that takes my fancy. I've written about alien heads, smart phones, dates, breakfast club rules, acts of random kindness, the haram police, hippies and flip flops

You can also contribute, and it's honestly one of the best ways to reach youth through words. There are also some very deep and meaningful article such as Azzam's one about Thalassemia and Manal's one about changing decisions. I also absolutely love Shuma's fashion articles, Nattu's dating advice and Moony's reviews. 

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