Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to Work


College has been pretty fun the last few days. Yesterday I spent 8 hours in college. I know. It was a Saturday. haha. We blew bubbles, went to eat, had a photo shoot, and sang songs.

Oh, and I am going back to HFM. The same place. I love the place, and I love being back in the employment. However I have to tackle work and classes, and Ramadan, so this is going to be a challenge. I love challenges, so this is gonna be exciting too.

On the other hand, exams are on the way, and I need to study. LIKE,  RIGHT NOW!!

PS, I started watching Heroes, and I’m totally addicted. My favorite person is Hiro. I however think the girl who can change selves has the most useful power.


  1. heroes is a cool series, but sad that it has ended now. i like hiro nakamura too!

    and what kind of a college is that? sounds like a day of barneys! hehehe i think ive been watching too much barney with my niece lol, anyways goodluck in ur exams!

  2. @ieccco, yeah. He is so cute! haha
    and the college is actually the lamest faculty study-wise, and fun-wise too. but we try to make it as fun as possible. hehe. yeah it went kinda like a Barneys episode. LOL

  3. is this your first time watching Heroes? i used to be addicted too...but then later it got boring or maybe i found better shows haha.. i duno. its still a cool show though and Hiro is cute! yatttaaaaaa!

  4. @Naina, Yepp. Yeah, it kinda is getting boring with all the future and explosions. sad! yepp, Hiro is awesome. haha


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