Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 7

I am so sorry for the lateness. Thursday, I had back to back classes, and Friday, I went to Himmafushi for a family roadhaveelun. Yesterday I slept, thanks to no sleep the other day, and I had a mini get together. So much happened, huh!

So, Day 7 is about a picture of someone/something that the biggest impact on you.

(sorry about the lack of my parents picture, for their privacy!)

Someone would be my parents. They matter to me a lot, even though they might not agree. I know its hard for them to do their job, cause I make it so hard on them. Raising a teenage cliché’ along with working , raising a toddler and a tween must be so hard. I know deep in my heart that no matter how much I try, I can never pay them back. I still do rebel against some of their rules and parental codes, but they still are the one and only people who has the biggest impact on my actions, and me!


Something that has the biggest impact on me is INTERNET!! Life has changed so much over the years because of Internet. I discovered many great, and no so great things. It has a huge impact on the way I dress, eat, act, and basically the way I live. I am happy for some changes, regret others. Life sure has changed over the time, hasn't it?

What are the things that has the biggest impact on you? Is it the same as mine?


  1. Mine's similar to you. A person would be my mom. And something would be technology for me which includes internet plus all the gadgets and shit.

    Nice post. I'd love to do this 30 day thing but I dont wana start because I feel like i might not have enough to write on some of the topics.

  2. @Naina, yeah technology does impact me too. haha. I think you should do it. It;d be fun. you can always skip the days you don't like. =D

    @Jufire, yes! totally! Knowledge is power. (=


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