Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5

Recently I visited Himmafushi, a small island near Male’ were my uncle, and his wife along with their kid lives. Also another cousin and her hubby lives there too. So, I have two places to stay and two reasons to go there. Its a peaceful, HOT island, and it has the biggest souvenir shop in Maldives.

Oh, and I’m going there this Friday for rodha veelun! (=


me doing my favorite jump pose. =P

Hulhumale'  (105)

And this is from last months class trip to Hulhumale’. It was so much fun. This is just one from the gazillion pictures we took.


  1. are you going to apologize for wearing the scarf & tight-pants combination too?

  2. @Anony, Those arent tight pants. They are haruvaalhu! u_u
    and no, I don't dress for others!
    Do you always have something arrogant to say? Cos I find this insulting!

  3. You do dress for Allah, judging by the dholhi on your head. And before you get insulted think of what Mohammed would say, if he saw you.

  4. @Anony, thanks. I'll keep that in mind!

  5. OMG! are u levitating! awesome! haha!

  6. @iththi, haha. KYLE XY much? =P


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