Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 4

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A habit I wish I didn't have, huh? Actually there are two habits that I regret the most. One is that, I trust people too easily. I almost always believe what people say, and I regret this every time someone hurts me. Its like almost too easy. I wish I was stronger, I am trying to be, and not trusting people too easily. It’s hard. But I intend on trying.
And the next habit is I let people influence me too easily. Like what they wear, how they act, and what they say about me, I let it affect my personality. I am forever trying to not let others define me, but myself. However, I keep failing. Every time someone says something negative, I keep obsessing to change it. I do realize I can never change what people say about me, but I try to be like who they want me to be. I am my own person, but I wish I didn't let others influence me.


  1. hey, at least how many of us realize that?
    i think that's a great first step to actually not let others influence you.

  2. @ieccco, yeah. It is a good thing. The bad thing is knowing it, and still letting it happen!!

  3. Well, actually, there are few people with your consistency and originality. Seeing this, it's rather difficult to agree on your second point :)

  4. @Jufire, thanks. you don't have to agree though. Every one is entitles to their own opinion. (=


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