Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 2


The meaning behind my blog name, huh. I wrote a post at the beginning to discuss it.

So, I started keeping a diary at an early age, around in my teens. (That is pretty early, considering I’m old enough to be legal now. being old sucks!! Peter pan, help!!) and since then I’ve kinda jotted doesn't everything that comes to my mind (most of the things) and so I’ve been keeping all kinds of books as journal/diaries, and hence the name diarygirl. This blog is like my online diary. I think that kinda explains the name.


  1. your diary is as cute as you are.

  2. That's nice! But nothing would beat writing on a book with pens and scribbling and sketching! :)

  3. @Anony, why, thankyou! (=

    @Ishee, totally agree!!Books ftw!!


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