Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend Reads


Image from Weheartit

It’s Friday again. I woke up pretty early today. Eleven is early for me! tsk tsk

I was also invited to a class maahefun which I bunked cos I had to clean my room. I am such a clean freak. gosh!

Check out what I wore the other day to class. I know, I wear un-casual things all the time.

Also from me, a denim dress look, cos who’d I be if I didn't tell you what to wear!

I am a huge fan of Katie and her colorful life. I would love to make stuff like her!

Another of my guilty pleasure blogs is Jing’s.  Rebecca Bloomwood is NOTHING compared to her.

Talking about bloggers, check out Jezmine and her most beautiful shop ever.

If that’s not enough, go check THIS amazing blog!

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