Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 8

Hmm. I was waiting to do this on September, but then I'd have to go without blogging for onw day. hah! August is well, not what i hoped. But it's fun, and I'm being lazy as most of the time.
So, next month I hope to,

1, Do all assignments and homework's

hmm. So, I got my first assignment this smemester, and I still have a gazillion overdue homeworks. hah!

2. Study prior to exams

Not on the day, or the day before. I usually fall into the on the day category, so I am still surprised that I get good grades. But I fee like I don't deserve them, cos so many people I know study a lot and get lower grades than me. It doesn't sound fair, so I want to not feel guilty, plus it'll give me a sense of self actualization. (very Princess Mia-ish! =P)

3. Try the goals I set in Crafts, Fashion, and Movies/Books.

Check out my other blogs to see the goals. Basically, I categorized my life into 4 parts this year. One, my personal and study life, then the love of my life, Fashion, then comes Movies/Books (mostly the knowledge center/entertainment/misc) and last is my favorite hobby, crafting. =D

4. Try to be more friendly, and get along with people!

I do get aloong with people, and I consider myself a friendly person. But lately, I have this feeling that I'm losing the friendship touch in me, and I guess that's what makes me ME!

5. Don't let others make me feel bad.

Don't care about what others think. I'm not their slave. Do my thing the way I want!

6. And most importantly, be myself!

And not copy people. There is only one me (at least, I hope so) and I'd like to keep it that way!

I wonder if I'll be able to do this all. If their is a will, then there's a way!


  1. Shaahaaa! :D
    Long time, eh? It's awesome to see you still rocking on blogsphere (:
    You remember me don't you? Don't tell me you forgot me! O.O
    Ah, well.
    You can do all those things, woman ;D
    Mwahahahaha :B
    P.S. I'm thinking of blogging again O:

  2. @xeeko, of course I didn't forget you!! =D
    So long time, eh! Thanks. Yes, you should!! (=

  3. same here! i study a day or two before. not on the day though, because on that day id be too panicky and hyperventilating to do any studying. surprisingly i also got good grades even then. imagine people like us actually studying? we'd be Einsteins xD

    good luck with all that :)

  4. @naina, yeah. haha. Seriously. Every time I think about it, I wanna study and study, but I guess, it never happens. haha


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