Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1


So, who am I, huh? That’s a pretty recent photo of me! taken only last month in Himmafushi. Sorry about the awkward pose, I just jumped and got down. LOL

15 interesting facts about me.

1. I can bake! Ok, that’s not that interesting, but I can really cook, so I gotta be good at something, hah! So far I’ve only baked a strawberry cake, right out of a Betty Crocker cake mix. LOL

2. I love jumping. I cant stay in the same place for so long, unless I HAVE to.

3. I love red bull, that’s kinda lame. I mean, everyone loves red bull, huh!

4. I am all about routines. I love routines, organizing, making lists, alphabetizing. ORDER rules my life.

5. Sometimes I rebel against my rules. I don't follow rules, I make my own, most of the time. Ok, I do follow rules, I’m such a nerd!

6. When things are going bring, I make up things to make them interesting. Most of the times, it backfires.

7. I’m really good at lying, and acting. haha

8. I can write songs, sing, but I cant play any musical instrument.

9. I love reading. Almost anything.

10. I usually tend to act like I donno what's going on when people speak about vai things.

11. I am forever waiting to fall in love!

12. I am a planner. I plan everyday, every month, and every year. If it was possible, I’d plan every minute and second.

13. I love being on air.

14. In my movie watch sequence, the first is cartoons, then comes Disney movies, Hindi movies, and then comes non- Disney English movies.

15. I love mushrooms. My parents find this disgusting.

So, that was pretty easy. Until tomorrow, Ciao!


  1. 7. I’m really good at lying, and acting. haha

    So this post is a lie o not =P

    kekek..nice to know u more...will mashrooms are gr8.cheeers

  2. my god we have so much in common! hehe.. i think i should write some random facts about me in my blog too, done that a few times before, but a few more wont hurt ryt?

  3. my god. you are so normal! can you tell something different about your self? it's like 90% of maldivian girls your age! wow.

  4. @Xef, nope. It's all truth.>.<
    yepp, mushrooms FTW!!

    @Ieccco, haha. yeah, we work in the same place too. LOL. yeah, we can never know enough about someone, huh? Thanks

    @Anony, haha. I'm normal, but not average. Something different? How bout "I was doing A level when those 90% of Maldivian girls my age were in grade 9?"

  5. doing a/ls at that age sounds like something any girl then (with enough money) might have done just to do something different. some others do more helpful things on their opinions, like going to singapore for shopping, or sky diving. and did you pass a/ls? and did how many subjects did you do? besides education nowadays is not about o/ls and a/ls, its considered only very insignificant now? isnt it?

  6. @anonymous, haha. I didn't just do A level out of the blue only in one subject to do something different. I studied in CHSE for 2years, and did 7 subjects and passed in them all.
    Totally agree, A level is just a formality, which is why I am doing a double degree now.


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