Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 6


I just watched Kick Ass and it was freaking awesome. I however was very disappointed with Red Mist. I thought he’s turn into the good side! Anyhow, Today’s challenge is about my favorite superhero.

When I was a kid, I wasn't into the superhero’s or comic books. I was more into books, and moral stories. I know, it sounds lame, but I’d rather read a book while drinking Milo than watch Superman back then. It hasn't changed much even now. I still haven't watched a single superhero movie or read a comic (except Kick Ass of course).

However, I do have a favorite superhero. No, she’s not Wonder woman or cat women or any other costume wearing person. It’s Hermione, from Harry Potter of course. She’s my favorite superhero, in the fantasy world. She’s smart, intelligent, and can tackle a fight like anything. I love her because she is always true to herself, and she cares about her friends and she isn't discouraged by the evil! Plus she’s a genius!

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon character was Blossom from Power puff Girls. I’d always wanted to be like her when I grow up (Kidding! But I did want to be strong and true to myself, and fight evil. haha). I think I turned up OK-ish. Sure I cant fight even to save my life, but I am strong, and I would do anything for my family, in case of a danger or not, and I’m still on the good side, or so I believe.

In real life, my favorite superhero is Doe Deere. She’s not a real superhero, and she can’t fly or do magic. But she creates a world full of good things, willed with love, beauty and what makes a person good both inside and out.


  1. kick was good ...
    hate harry potter ... ;)

  2. hm i dont think i have a favorite superhero either. if i could id say its SRK xD hahaha. or my mom hmm.

    nice post :)

  3. i dont really like superheros they always brings me the idea of spandex underwear on top wearing dudes lol.

    but i loved harry potter since i was a lil kid.

  4. Where are the next of the days? I am expecting Day 07,08,09.....?? hmm..

  5. @subcorpus, whoa. Guess what? You are the only one who hates Harry Potter from everyone I know. haha.

    @Naina, I thought you'd say him too. I actually hate him. Still, I find it adorable that you have such a high respect for someone like him. (=

    @Ieccco, haha. Me too. I think Superman, and Batman are to blame. Looks like they don't know a thing about fashion. =P
    Me too!! =D

    @Jufire, Day 7 updated. (=
    Thanks for being so loyal! =D


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