Monday, August 2, 2010

Minimalist Living

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I am not a minimalist. I always loved clutter and owing more stuff. But the last few months I’ve been considering getting rid of a lot of things, and finally today I did get rid of a lot of things that I haven't used under 6 months or more. I kept my most favorite things, and it still looks very cluttered, but I actually feel much better.
But no matter how much minimalist I go, I can never have enough shoes, or dresses or make up, or maybe even stories or movies. You see, this is actually the reason I can probably never fully go minimalist. The idea is very promising and inspiring, but I don’t think it goes well with my interests, beliefs and values.
Everything that I do, is mostly based on what I believe. For instance, I believe that writing down my emotions make me feel better, which is why I started keeping a journal. I also found out that candles give me inspiration, and the free burning flame makes me feel happy, and so I finally overcame my fear of fire, and started lighting candles.
These are just a few things. The last two years, since I turned sixteen, I’ve started seeing the world clearly. It was like wearing new glasses. Everything seemed clearer and I finally knew that I had so much more to do, and to achieve.


  1. may i know what represents (or the meaning?) of the picture in relation to the post?
    No means of judgement, just curious..

  2. @Anony, The picture is one of the thousands of things that inspired me to de clutter my life. I love the simplicity of the picture. The coconut represents some kind of calmness, nature and perhaps some aspect of me, the need to differ.

  3. Well said ! well said ! :)


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