Sunday, August 1, 2010

Almost August


I can’t exactly say it, since it’s already August. Last month was pretty hectic, fun and most of all, exciting. I discovered new thing, made new friends and went on a few trips. xD

This month, I hope to

1, Do all home works

I have 25 home works excluding my 4 assignments to finish and 4 exams to learn. tsk tsk. Need to get my act together or I might fail myself!

2. Study according tot he schedule

Something I always want to do, but never really do. gosh, I’m turning into a bad student!!

3. Do more chores at home

Even my classmates now think I am the laziest one, and this is one title I myself can associate with me, but don;t want others to!

4. Be more friendly

Some people still think I am not friendly, so I decided to be more friendly, talk non stop and party around. not really!

5. Don’t be lazy!

*refer to 3rd goal!*

6. Try to build friendships

As part of the fact that today is Friendship day! xD

Lets see if I can do this all!

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