Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Mubarak

Hello Sunshine. 
Ramadan is officially over, but I am thinking of doing the 6 Sunnah fasts this time. Fasting is such a good practice for me, because my days become more productive, and lets see, I am also not a huge fan of eating, so it's all good. 
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All jokes aside, I hope you are/had a really good time celebrating Eid. I sure did. Unfortunately, I couldn't wake up to go to the Eid prayers but I saw pictures and Masha Allah, it was beautiful! I have never been so proud to be Maldivian.
In the evening, I went to SAYS event at Artificial beach with my cousin Ninni and we had a great time talking about random stuff, eating ice-cream and we later went to Children's Park where I met mom and Mick and we played lots of games and won prizes. I think I was more excited than Mickie. haha

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