Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Reads

Every Friday, I tell myself I will clean my room and study but I always end up watching something or spending too much time on Pinterest. The same thing is happening today, so I'm just telling myself that from now on, every Friday, I'll watch something and spend time on Pinterest. That way I will end up cleaning my room and studying if it all goes not according to my plan. 
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For some articles not written by me; check out

And, as usual some of my favorite pictures from Pinterest.
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This is such an easy top. But I don't know. It looks good all, but I'm just not sure if I want to wear this out of home.
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This is me when I am at places I don't want to be. Yet, it happens so many times. 
This. This is something every man should do, at least once. Seriously. 
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be watching Cougar Town, and probably doing some E-marketing and HR, listening to music and not going out. :)

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