Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm at a payphone, trying to call home.

Sometimes I just think we are all a bunch of people brainwashed to believe things that others want us to ; standing up for something that we don't even know. Other times, I think Maroon 5 is awesome. I am always in conflict with my self it's not even funny. Today is one of those days. The country is at a critical point and I'm just here. I donno who's right and wrong. Maybe there is no right and wrong. People just believe in things they don't understand and maybe I do too. I don't know if this is a victory or the start of something we all will regret one day. I wonder what Mahatma Gandhi thought when he stood up, when he marched. Maybe it gets easier because it was for the country who was not in war with themselves. I can't wait for the day when we pay back what this country has given us, but I'm also scared. What if we make it even a bigger mess. 
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Anyhow, apart from all that deep meaningful talk with myself lets see what I have been doing when not thinking about the future. I have been watching Alphas all week long. I only went to work on Sunday. I have been a mess lately, just like my country. Alphas was good though. Really good. I can't wait till season two finishes so I can watch it all. Yes, I wait for one whole season to end and then get all episodes and watch them, that way it gets easier to keep track. I did go to a few classes and had been doing OK.
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My friend Chris from US, whom I met in Sri Lanka a few weeks ago was in Male' today before his flight to London. The boys showed him around Male' last night and then I joined them for breakfast. It was great to see him again. This guy is so funny. Just talking to him makes everything good. We dropped him at the ferry, and I hope he gets to London safe. 
Meanwhile, I'm going to be doing some work (which should be what I was doing this entire week), and watch some Cougar Town, read a book for a change. But I think I'm gonna end up doing no work and watching Cougar Town all day long. -.-
Have a great day people. I'm still waiting for the day when we'll sing Hellalujah!

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