Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Favorite Comedy Series

My two favorite genres of TV are Police Procedure and Comedy. Police Procedure probably because I grew up wanting to be Nancy Drew, and that is the closest thing to Nancy Drew (other than Veronica Mars of course). While comedy is everyone's favorite, the number of good humored shows keep decreasing probably because of the increase of vampire/werewolf shows. *sigh* Anyhow, here's a list of my favorite comedy shows that I have watched. 

1. Friends
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The ultimate comedy king. I can't believe I spent all the years without watching this. It is hilarious sad, happy, and weird at the same time and soon you are laughing and tears are rolling down your eyes and you're like, it ended. Then you spend the next two years re-watching it again and again. The jokes never get old and you wish you had a life just like these six friends living in the city.

2. 100 Questions
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This was I think a bit based on friends, cos it shows five odd friends living in the city, again. I honestly watched it five times, mostly because it only has six episodes cos it got cancelled. It was such a fun series. I still laugh when I remember the first episode where Wayne is telling Charlotte to not go meet Rick and he's wearing a baseball hand and it is so so fun. Believe me, you would want to watch this, it has got some funny stuff.

3. Outsourced
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If you haven't watched this, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. The whole Indian setting, the multicultural scene, the oddball cast, the selling of funny items and Rajiv make this series a whole one season of endless laughter. My favorite episode was the made-up holiday Vindalu-day.  

4. Last Man Standing
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I recently started watching this, and I loved every single episode. Mike lives in a household with three girls and his wife and everyday is an adventure of getting angry lots of drama and being the man in the family. It is sort of like my family, except a LOT more funnier and crazier. 

5. The Big Bang Theory 
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I don't even have to describe why this is funny. Four geeks and a girl, can it get any better than this? YES it can. Because there's Dr. Sheldon Cooper. The dialogues are awesome and the jokes and funny, once you get it of course.

6. Community
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Three words. Abed and Troy. Also their Spanish song. Every episode is fun, relate-able, filled with simple things that get you hooked on this series.

7. Two and a Half Men
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I don't know why I started watching this, but some episodes were fun. I love how every episode name is a line in the episode and I keep trying to find that exact line. 

8. Accidentally on Purpose 
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This is extremely fun. I watched it twice back-to-back and I would still watch it again and again. Lots of jokes, interesting characters and a baby!

9. Chuck
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A geek, a secret agent and lots of action. I used to love this a lot, but somewhere through half way lost interest. I still do watch it and Chuck Bartowski is absolutely amazing and so is Sarah, but I don't know what happened. Maybe too much Buy More happened.

10. 30 Rock
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I love Tina Fey. That women knows what's up. 30 Rock is a bundle of bad jokes, good jokes and weird characters trying to make a TV show. Plus, Tina's in it. You have to watch it, just for Liz Lemon. Shark Week, Blergh anyone?

Some of honorable mentions that almost made the list are;

How I Met Your Mother
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I only watch it for Neil Patrick Harris.

Cougar Town
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I used to hate this, but then loved it. Jules is amazing.

New Girl
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I still don't get the whole show. I just watch it cos Zooey is pretty. 

Some shows I want to watch in the future;

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