Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hello guys. It has clearly been too long. Tell me you haven't already forgotten me. I have been lazy. Very lazy. Mostly due to sleep, and due to not motivating myself enough to do anything  besides sleeping and looking up celebrity pictures online. 
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Yesterday, there was an Office Iftar at Trader's Hotel where I had the most amazing lasagna after ages. Funny story, I found some lasagna sheets in our had eaten half of kitchen the other day, but someone had eaten half of one sheet so I went on my Nancy Drew mode and found out that dad ate it. No one apparently knew what it was because the pack was all written in Swahili or something. Dad had been eating it cos it tasted good. Oh, I love how my family is sometimes very weird. I have yet to learn how to make lasagna. 
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I have been watching Hellcats (yes, I still haven't watched it even though I have had it for ages. I have a special love for Ashley Tisdale since her Suite Life days. That girl just makes everything so good. I am also watching this absolutely ridiculous Korean drama called Devil Beside You. It's so horribly disastrous, but I just can't stop watching it. Korean drama's does this to me. Plus, the girl in it is so cute and she makes such funny faces and the guy has this very charming smile.
This month has some esctiting things in store for me. Our organization, DYM is finally becoming registered (and I'm a founding memeber! :D I feel like I'm a Salazar Slytherin or Ben Franklin), we are having a youth festival and there's an LTLT program by the end of the month as well. Should keep this girl busy and not lazy for a while. 
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 In the meanwhile, I will be playing around with the Google doodles, writing up an HR plan and criticizing websites wishing I was watching Dr Suess' The Lorex instead. If you have already watched it then I hate you, but not as much as I hate Twilight so we'll be fine.

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