Sunday, August 26, 2012

Katti Hivvaru Fest 2012

I've been talking about this for sometime now, and last weekend it was held and it was so much fun. I'm a bit sad I wasn't fully involved with the actual work. I've been very lazy and uninspired lately. Nawaf and the guys did so much work and I'm glad it turned out alright.
all images by Blood
So Friday night, I attended the fair with Em and Fishbun, a little late because it was raining cats and dogs! The event hasn't started yet because of the rain so I went around and  met lots of old friends and new ones. Happy was doing a stall, and as usual there was the Democracy House stall where I stayed and made a new bunch of friends who were so lovely and pretty and cool. When the event was formally inaugurated, after speeches by Wuff, and both the ministers, they went from stall to stall and when they came to DH's stall I introduced the stall and then the guys made both ministers and Naafi play a game of word building and the deputy minister won. It was fun. I also played it with the guys and sadly lost. Later, I went around to some stalls and then went home.

Then on Saturday night, after a really great time with the guy, we went to check KHF again, and this time it was more fun and happening. There was boduberu and dhandijehun. A classmate of mine was in the dhandi group too, which was the most shocking discovery of the night. haha. Then we went around to stalls and again at DH's stall, played word building and this time I won, thanks to this guy who was helping me. ^.^ I also saw Darky do some awesome magic! We had a fun time and then we said goodbye to Wuff and came home. It was clearly one of the best nights.

I'd like to take time to congratulate Nawaf on the festival. I'm so proud to know you, and so proud of DYM.  The team did really amazing work. So, cheers, and here's a toast to a brighter future. The event was a success, thanks to all who came and took part and the exhibitors. 
If you missed it, then don't worry. We at DYM are always cooking up fun and informative stuff for youth, so there'll be other stuff in future. Chin up, buttercup.
PS You can read the article on Haveeru about it HERE. :D

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