Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekend Reads

It's been a lazy week, so I am trying to be as productive as I can this weekend. It helps that there is the Katti Hivvaru Fest. It also helps that I told myself last night to get my act together, Blair style. 
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Meanwhile, you can read some interesting articles I found over the week.
Carly is one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers and she wrote some really great articles this week about packing, back-to-school outfits and productivity. Adi continues her post with more impeccable writing, and Bakerella got Toys R Us to product a cake pop toy set, which I am in love with. 
And, as usual a ton on great pictures I found on Pinterest.
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This is crazy. I mean why would you not eat the whole thing once? I would do that, but yes everyone needs to lock their ice-cream.
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This is so me. I used to buy birthday cakes on random days just to eat them. I find nothing wrong with that.
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Speaking of cake, isn't this the cutest Minnie Mouse cake you have ever see? Such pretty details. 
I hope you have an amazing weekend guys. Toodles.

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