Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Perks of dating Four

I'm not really into Four. In fact, I don't think Four and I would have anything in common really but I thought you might be like Tris and would like Four. 

1. The Bod obviously. All men that fall for special snowflakes seem to be just overall really hot with great bodies. Hmm. Obviously I'm not that shallow but beauty is always to be appreciated. 

2. Personally I don't like tattoos all over. Dauntless really overdoes the tattoo thing, prolly because they have nothing else to do, but I like how Four's tattoos has a deeper meaning and is overall pretty cool. 

3. Pep Talks. I could really use a guy who would give me great pep talks when necessary. Sure, he might throw a knife or two at you but he will always root for you and you can count on it.

4. Oh did I mention, Four is amazing at throwing knives, especially at people he love. We only see this skill when he is forced to do so but I assume he would have thrown knives even for fun. He seems like a fun loving guy. 

5. The man knows how to handle a weapon. If he's amazing with a gun you imagine the height of your relationship, it will always be exciting. Plus, men with weapons are kind of hot eh, if you are into that kinda thing. 

6. What's a guy without a troubling tragic back story? Four is the complete package, plus he only has four fears and that does not include cockroaches so obviously as long as you are in the ground and away form his dad, you both will enjoy life, even if it means running away and jumping trains. Plus, I'm sure he's rather emotional and probably cries. 

7. He has weird obsessive tendencies like making you follow him and not talking when he should be. He's clearly deep and that obviously means his love is real. I mean, can a guy get any better?

8. He can protect you. This is most important, especially if you are living in a dystopian city you need a man who accepts you but in unafraid to protect you from all the dangers lying beyond. He's actually pretty kick ass in the action department.

9. Ah, even though we hardly see Four smiling in the movie, Theo's smile is just so lighthearted and heartwarming. Seriously. Smile more Four. 

10. His name is Four. I mean because usual names are too mainstream. You could rename yourself Ever and be with hi FourEver. Geddit? haha, I know bad pun, I just could not resist. 

I did not intend it to be this sarcastic, but having Four as your significant other would actually be pretty nice. I mean he seems like an overall good guy who's genuinely interested and has good qualities. 

Whom should I do next? Would you date Four?

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