Monday, May 12, 2014


Two months ago, I discovered this website that lets you send postcards to random strangers around the globe. Three things I love, postcards, strangers and sending things around the world, I signed up in a heart beat and started writing up my very first postcrossing card to someone in Germany. There started a little adventure that has grown so much more and I have made friends all over the world through this single act. 

It brightens my day to get an unsuspecitng postcard from a random person on another corner of the world, it seriously is just so good! Plus, it feels like I'm travelling to all these different places, the places are so cute!
Sign up for postcrossing today! It's free and I bet you won't regret it. You'll get 5 addresses of people around the globe and you can start sending cool postcards to get some. It's so much fun, honestly. I don't even mind all the post-office runs and people asking me why I send postcards to people. 

Yesterday, I tried explaining mom why I kept getting so many postcards (she thinks I have dozens of friends abroad, haha) and she clearly doesn't know why anyone would send a postcard to someone that they don't even know. AH, mom. She still finds is very amusing and she loves the skyline view postcards! 

Have you ever sent a postcard? Nah? Send one today! 

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