Thursday, May 8, 2014

E-love letters

These days I'm slightly obsessed with love letters. I have always loved love letters but these days I just seem to want to write love letters every minute of the day. It's crazy but sharing love is good eh. By love letters, it's not completely about the romantic love but more along the lines of humanity love. 

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For the longest time (ever since I first signed up for Carly's Prep Talk newsletter) I've always wanted to have my own newsletter but didn't really know what I would write about and then it hit me like a nail on a log. Love Letters, what a better way to start a week than to read an e-mail filled with appreciation, beauty and lots of love. I started right away and sent to a couple of my friends and mostly got really good vibes about it. 

Every Sunday, I'll be sending a little e-mail that I hope will brighten up your day, make it better or at least make you smile. 

If you want to sign up, click here. 

I promise I won't spam you. 


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