Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DYMag March + April Issue

Ah, I have been so behind times I can't even keep up with my magazine. *sigh* 

So many new and exciting things are happening in the DYMag team. New people, people moving factions and generally awesomesauce things happening all around, it's such fun times. The last two issues have been such a hassle. So many things going on, so many little problems but we managed to actually publish it despite the minor setbacks. 

March issue was the lightest issue since we started. However, it is packed with some good stuff. Starting off with the blacked out cover for the Earth Hour, and stories by Suma and Summer on really interesting and heart wrenching topics to more details of KHF from one of the pioneers of the festival, Shaam and articles about deeper topics such as abuse victims, unplanned pregnancies, woman shaming, renal calculus, house of wisdom and the healthy chocoholic. The issue is also one of our more serious issues. I like that it keeps everything simple and to the point. 

April issue is seriously overdue but I love love the design of it and how everything is super cool about it. Starting off with Silence, a heart breaking story by S to DYM recommends filled with some really cool stuff for you to read, watch and listen to. Next is another article about KHF by this year's head KHF creative, Ish. We can never tire of talking about KHF. This issue has lots of stuff for the ladies; how to make a DIY beauty mask by Shae, Catching Fire themed nails by Naal (ahaha, punpunpun), and the cover, Riz of Leykokaa Looks the brilliant make-up artist! Obviously, you can't expect us to publish this issue without some articles about the Anbaraa incident, so find a couple about it. Also bringing a new column, The Right Hand Girl where Ma-ani will be your How-to girl to everything, this issue highlighting on how to survive a break up. Oh and also, another new food column by Munshi, Yummy Talks brings a yummy curry for you all, a good old Maldivian delicacy. The rest includes articles about death penalty, religion, tall people problems, and poetry. 

Also you can find lots of pictures of me. :| blame it on Imy, he really is the whoman. 

Hope you enjoy reading through these two issues! May issue is coming up. The team is busy working on interviews, designs, photo-shoots and movie reviews. 

What do you think of the issues? Let us know! 


  1. who is the model on the last issue?

    1. Dheeko! She also has her own hijab pin range at Facebook called Balqis.


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