Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kabhi mere ghar aaya karo

The last few days has been pretty good, lots of great experiences, new things and adventures, but also I've been a bit sick since Saturday. In fact, I was so sick I had to stop a class halfway through, not cool. 

if you see any love letter around town, you know where to find me. :P
I'm trying not to let sickness get the worst of me, and so I've scheduled lots of really exciting stuff to keep my mind away from the blues. Last Wednesday night Pots and I hung out and we left love letters all over the place (and it kind of turned out to be a potential marriage hunt, ahaha). I've also been changing up a lot of things, like buying new furniture and basically trying to have a theme to my room. It's going rather slowly, but I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out.

how adorable is this card I got from a Chinese post-crosser? she also got me this yummy Chinese tea!
All I want to do these days is to read poetry, especially ones that have happy endings or are dealing with some very philosophical questions, listen to really old Hindi songs and Urdu Ghazals, write letters and generally the sort of romanticized things I like to do when I'm not feeling too well. The calm is really good for me. 

I've also been watching lots of Veronica Mars. Logan and Veronica are my OTP. 
Meanwhile what I'm actually doing is making lots of short notes, exam papers, getting ready for classes, lots of photoshopping, actual classes, sleeping, mostly lying around bed doing absolutely nothing and playing random games on my phone. I'm in that stage of sickness where I just want to give in and sulk all day long. Hopefully tomorrow would be better! 

Currently listening: Uthe Sab ke Kadam - Remix version by UN

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