Monday, May 19, 2014


So I'm starting this new thing where I talk about things that I come across and find rather interesting. Here are some of the things that is on my radar.

Wuff's Channel

Wuff is one of my favourite people on earth and he was so nice to let me be a part of his blogging journey, basically showing me his super fancy new blog and YouTube channel which I am absolutely in love with. His channel is seriously fantastic, and it even makes up for the fact that I can't see him everyday. I miss that fluflly ball of diva-ness. My favourite video so far is his Draw My Life which is super cute (plus, he even drew me! ahaha)

Nuha's Diet Pics

pic from Nuha's Instagram!

I think it's a bit too late for this but nevertheless I think Nuha is basically me, but she does me so better than I do, hehe. She makes these colorful healthy dishes and loves all kinds of tea, has a sweet tooth and she's generally pretty awesome. I loved following her food updates and even suggested something for her to make, which she actually did. It was really cool. I hope to one day visit her and have her make me yummy food!

Kevin's Poem

I have been completely dissolved by the poetry scene. I keep losing sleep and not even regretting it because words move me so much that it's beocme more importatnt than sleeping. This poem is not too emotional, but I find it very heartwarming, very true and eventhoough it doesn't anywhere come near to my life, I feel like I can relate to it somehow.

The Welcome

Can I just say this is beyond amazing? That song, I love it so very much. In fact, I actually got the old song because it reminded me of a time so long gone, a time I thought I had completely forgotten until I heard this song again. Plus, this video is sort of very personal to me and it's so nice to see a great social message passed through Bollywood, which is something that I think is related to the very core of me.

Somewhere in America

Again, this video has been basically roaming around the place getting all kinds of reactions, mostly negative. Me, I think it has great elements and I can see how people can get totally riled up by it. For now, I wish I could skateboard (even without heels!) and looked cool doing it.


What can I say more about this guy than to say he is one of the most enthusiastic people I now know. Seriously. This guy doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk, records the recording. He has so many great things up his sleeve, it feels like a betrayal to even talk about it. Let his be your cinema guide and help you weed out the bad stuff so you only have the good left!

What's on your list of cool stuff these days?


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