Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tales from Vacation

I've been on vacation (from my 9 to 5) for the past week and it has been complete bliss. Sure, I had classes which I was better able to get ready for and therefore was more productive. Also I marked my first batch of exam papers, let me tell you it is addictive and also depressing. Very depressing, almost melancholic. When students excelled, it made me so happy but when someone failed it just crushed my heart. I did not know marking papers could have this effect on you. It is truly a bittersweet experience. I'm glad a lot of my students did great and I'm so happy for them and I keep telling myself that the bad grades were not my fault and that I tried the best I could. A lot of the times I tend to blame other people's problems on me so I need the pep talk from myself. 
Isn't this just the cutest? I am terrible at this, no wonder I don't like arecanuts. 
This was my view for two days. I'm not complaining. 
Also these flowers are just so adorable. I took too many pictures of them. 
Anyhow, this three day weekend has been nothing but wonderful. I had a great time at a cousin's island which takes about an hour or so to reach, not that I mind the travelling. In fact, I love the blue seas the way the ferry splits the ocean and the breeze on my face. Listening to Zac Brown Band while looking through a window at the vast ocean is therapy for mind and soul. 
Also I think I may have taken too many pictures of doors. I might be a wee bit crazy but blue and green doors makes me so intrigued.
Most of the trip was spent on playgrounds. Whenever I see a slide, my heart takes a leap. I think I've gone on every slide and every see-saw at the parks, it's pure joy. Also two things I always do at my cousin's island: float at the sea and eat magnums. I think my whole trip was just for those two. Lucky this time, we also did a bundle of shopping. There was this little thrifty shop with the cutest collection of all things super inexpensive and I think I went a little insane. I ended up buying too much stuff but it's all in the name of retail therapy. I've been having a rough year so far, and I truly needed to just enjoy doing things without thinking about the ifs and don'ts. 

Overall, I had a really great time and from tomorrow it's back to real life. Back to my 9 to 5, back to lots of classes, more exam preparation, marking papers and dymag work. I'm actually looking forward to seeing everyone after all this time. 
Taken right before leaving. Maldivian flags, ocean and clouds. Three of my loves.
How was your weekend? Did you have fun? If you are ever in Himmafushi, you MUST visit to the little playground near the beach on the south side, it is just magnificent, and also if you go around evening, you might catch some ladies playing this weird sport that I tried to understand but did not. It involved lots of running, a ball, a tennis racket and hitting people. Ouch. 


  1. I had a pretty fun family vacation in Himmafushi once too.
    I miss you and our random conversations and fascinations of tea cups and weirdest of things.
    Loved this post!


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