Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 9


So, today is about something I am proud of, in the past few days.

Lets see, I got my job back, for which I am really proud. Also, I am proud of my grades last semester, oh and I am gonna apply for this award thing, so wish me luck! It’s an amazing opportunity for a poor grad student like me (as mom puts it). =D

What else? It’s not like the last few days were he best of my life, where I did everything like Sheldon Cooper! The last few days were quite fun, but mostly because of my kick ass classmates and college, and work life. I haven't really done anything beside taking freaking amazing pictures, calling the college phone booth and talking in a British accent pretending to be Amelia Glenia! (I have no idea who that is. If there’s any real person named that, I am spry, It wasn't intended to be you!)  answering in classes like Sheldon Cooper so that even the teacher doesn't understand me since I use huge words and talk really fast. =P Also, I have been taking pictures of people around college (correction: have been doing that since last semester.) and my collection has quite grown. (=

I guess I’m gonna keep ranting about nothing to do with today’s topic, so better no say any more. Ciao!


  1. good luck for the award, im sure with great results like yours you'll get it insha allah! :)

    btw heard you today on DRC, your the ideal female host i actually made the show concept for! seriously i'm really happy ur hosting it now :)

  2. @ieccco, thanks. Hopefully! (=

    awwh. Thankyou. That is the nest compliment I got on the show yet. =D


    And for the record, I love Sheldon!
    AND upload an audio clip of your British accent, please!

  4. @Naina, Thanks. I sure need that. (=

    Ah, I don't have one. next time, I shall record. (=


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