Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DYM's 0th Anniversary

I have very good news. Our baby, our NGO, Dhi Youth Movement (DYM) got registered. On 12.12.12. I don't particularly enjoy nice dates but getting it registered is so wonderful and seeing it written on paper.

So, to celebrate it, on 3rd Jan we did 16 Acts of Random Kindness (ARK's). It was such a day filled with love and blessing. Here are a few of the things we did.

Left tear off smile posters around Male'. This was so much fun. Especially seeing some taken out. :)

Sent our favourite dessert (Sizzling Chocolate Affair) at Symphony Solo to a random couple. This sweet reply just melted out hearts.

photo by Rish
Left hearts with cute and inspiring messages on random cars. We hope that it made at least one person's day.

Drew a giant chalk art at Helipad area. This was the most fun and tiring. We spent a big half of a hot Friday doing this. The nicest thing is, it was destroyed by rain after around two to three days, and not by any human. 

You can read my post on DYM to know about all other acts.
PS This is my 400th post. :)


  1. i am up for this kinda stuff :) let me know the next time u guys plan


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