Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inspirational Women: Ellen DeGeneres

Saying I love Ellen would be an understatement. She is amazing, beautiful, funny, talented and everything that is just right for a TV show host and a person. Her shows can make me feel cheered up instantly no matter what kind of a day I'm having. Her monologues are brilliant and she has the most fun segments in the show, and let's not forget the dancing. 
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My favourite segment of the show is a tie between the Tea Time and the Facebook Photos. I love the people she bring in. Tony is fun and Tony Karaoke is hilarious, Sophia Grace and Rosie are just too adorable and talented and not to mention BRITISH! I also like Rainer and Atticus, firstly cos of the name Atticus (hello Mockingbird!) and because they are freaking geniuses who can name any president, and their number of presidency and what colour underwear they wore on inauguration day. Not many eight to nine year olds can do that. 
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I love the songs, the interviews, the scaring people, the embarrassing tweets, the surprises, Amy talking to people in song lyrics and the parodies, but mostly I love when Ellen brings families who are suffering, struggling and give them hope and another chance. For so many families, Ellen is their source of strength  the person who made a substantial difference in their lives. She's their knight in shining armour, their guardian angel.
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She inspires me everyday though her sense of humour, through her compassion, her down-to-earth personality and the fact that she's gone through so much and still managed to give back to so many people. She makes this world a brighter place. I want to grow old like her, with a fun side, with a love for children, with a heart of gold. 
Here's to Ellen, for 10 seasons of making people laugh and cry, for being there on the TV, for being kind and asking people to be kind to one another. 

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