Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Favourites

February is my favourite month mostly because it's my birth month and also because it's such a short month. My days are filled with watching series, meeting friends and doing some self building things. Here is what I'm loving right now.

Feb Favs

1. Neon Pink See-through Duffel by Fredflare - I've always loved duffels, neon, and see-through so this is like a dream bag, except of course it's not a Birkin. It's the next best thing. 

2. Jonathan Adler Coated Canvas Journal from Lifeguard Press - Journals are so very my kinda thing and I like to think I'm preppy because preppy things excite me and make me want to be a better person. This diamond pattern is so sophisticated and fun. 

3. Embossed Metal Card Case from See Jane Work - Ever since I saw this Police lady (who btw has the coolest job as an ass-kicking crime fighter head person - much like Gibbs or Beckett) take out this really pretty card case, I knew I needed one. These are simple but very chic. I can't decide between purple or red. 

4. Mockingjay brooch from GiftsofTansy - I read and watched The Hunger Games last week and it was the best thing ever I loved Peeta and Josh was perfectly playing him. I already have a mockingjay necklace so this will be complement it perfectly. 

5. Liz Lemon Pouch from Withlovebunny - 30 Rock ended and I'm rather sad I won't get to watch it any more. No more blergh, or dealbreaker, or Liz or Kenneth. This however is the perfect reminder of all that is The Girlie Show and the craziness that follows.

6. Superman Pendent Charms from Nuchyk - These will always be a reminder of someone special. Superman. 

7. Shimmering Feather Crown from Pretty Little Things - I want this for Mick. She loves crowns and feathers. I think she learned that from me. 

Happy February! What are you loving this month? I'll be doing a lot of personal things this month like celebrating my birthday, reading that letter I wrote to myself a few years ago and making some changes to my life. 

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