Monday, February 4, 2013

Maldivians on Social Networks

I saw this video the other day from this Arab guy who was explaining the Arabs on social network and I realized even we Maldivians are a lot like what he explained. So here goes:

The Activist
She posts a hundred posts a day about peace and about standing up for causes. Her profile picture is usually some logo of a current ongoing campaign or holding a board that says something about a campaign. (I mostly fall into this category)

The Politician 
He is always talking about which party is better and how his political views are the best and blah blah. Profile picture is usually the party logo.

The Songwriter
She ALWAYS talk in songs. Sometimes you wonder if her life itself is a song. Her profile picture is usually of her in the side with lyrics of some song written all over it.

The Sheikh
He posts Hadith and verses from Quran and it usually ends up inspiring you because it relates to your life. Also pictures of how to properly wear Hijab and other tidbits on Sunnah. Profile picture is usually an avatar of a person  with a beard.

The Lovebird
Her status updates are mostly about love and how much she loves life now that her significant other/boyfriend/cat/whatever is in her life. Lots of re-posts about how girls love when guys do this and that and you can often find her wall-posts on her boyfriend's wall. She abuses the heart sign on Facebook so much you just have to roll your eyes every time one of those "I love MY BEEFF" posts come up on your news-feed  Her profile picture is of them together with the words "together forever" written on the picture

The Emo
Everything in his life seems to go wrong and he thinks Facebook-ing his problems are the solution. His posts are often about how life sucks and how his girlfriend who dumped him is a bitch and about the sun getting in his eye. His profile picture is of a drawing of a guy with dark straight hair and red eyes with some cheesy quote about how you are always alone. Not to be confused with the attention whore. He does this because it's like therapy to him

The Attention-whore
She posts a status saying something vague like "the worst thing happened to me" and when you ask what it is, she normally says nothing, or don't ask. WHY POST IT IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT? Ah. Her profile picture is either of her or a random rose or flower or something. 

The Parents
Their life revolves around their kid and being parents. They post a hundred pictures of their baby and kids everyday and write posts about how their kid is just the best. Oh, my baby just pooped and it looks good. Seriously. Their profile picture is their kid, obviously.

The Nerd/Geek
They love to post about science, art, movies and are often very informative. They like to keep their distance to people. Their profile picture is some fictional character.

The Fashionista
She posts about shoes/clothing/fashion week and re-posts pictures of celebs wearing gorgeous gowns. The profile picture is usually of them modelling.

The Social Network Pro.
He is on Instagram, Twitter, Keek, Foursquare, G+ and his posts are usually linked to all social networks. You can find out about new products, technological inventions, and see how many places he's the mayor of. 

These are just a few. I'm sure you can help me expand this list. Do you have any friends you can associate with each category?


  1. I'm really not sure which I am! Maybe I fit in several categories?

    1. Hmm. Most of us actually fit several categories. :)

  2. I am neither of these... :foreveralone: :socialoutcast:

    1. Don't feel too bad Pots. You are unique. ;)

  3. i think i am in 'the emo' category. while i was reading this, i can visualize my friends that fits to each of those categories :) this is such a interesting one shaha.

    1. No category is bad. Every category has good and not so good characteristics.

      Thank you


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