Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Reads

Ah, after a rather short week the weekend is here. I've been looking at a lot of Fall 2013 shows and neglecting my blog. I also finished reading a book and watching Chuck. Life has been good. 

Shaam's playlist is nice and you'll love it. If you haven't already, Shina's blog is pretty nice. She posts a lot, so be warned and this post about whether to sew or glue is just what every crafty person needs. 

Here are some fun pins I've recently pinned.
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I am so excited for the graduation and I've already made a board of different photo ideas for the day and got two photographers. It's crazy. I'm re-thinking my dress because mom isn't too sure about it.
image credits
I've also been looking at different types of nail art for the Essie campaign. While this one is very pretty, I don't like the mix of the different kinds of prints. 
image credits
This is a brilliant idea but I don't have the heart to cut the spine of a book, yet alone a classic.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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