Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 12


How I found about blogger and why I made one.

I am someone who always has something to say. Back in December 2006, I went on a Girl Guide camp to Malaysia. It was fun, and I made loads of new friends. One of them Aali, made a blog soon after we returned and I saw the blog, and I got addicted. After 5 blogs, and 3 years of constant babbling, I am still here with more to say than ever. haha. Before I had a blogger blog, I used to have a Virtual Tourist journal, which was like facebook back in 2005. I also had a wordpress blog and another blog in a free hosting place, but for someone as NON geek as me, blogger is the best friend forever. So, I’ve deleted the other two and stuck with blogger since then.

I also have 3 more blogs than this one. Write much? oh yeah!

So, why did I actually make one? I’ve already explained in some posts, but for those new let me re-explain. I started keeping a diary back when I just turned a teenager, back when twitter didn't exit, and the only thing we lost was a tooth. I’ve always has this fascination about writing thoughts down. I still get excited and giggly when I meet another person who keeps a journal/diary. ^^ So, soon internet became my best friend, and I had to have some place to myself where I can write the crazy things, where people would see me as the crazy, out of this world person I am, and where I can babble forever about how much I wanna fall in love, and the love I have for certain fictional characters and movies.

See, I can like go babbling forever, and ever.

For all bloggers out there, why did YOU start blogging?


  1. hate being organized, writing down thoughts definitely is just not my ever-to-do list, still like reading yours.. very original and honest :)

  2. i have my cousin who is 7 yrs old, and she already keeps a very interesting diary herself, im thinking of opening a blog for her. i think it will be good.

    well i also have pretty much the same reason as you, plus being the only child drove me nuts, so that too :)

  3. Niiice!

    Why did I start I never really thought about WHY :| . Shall write a post on that and link to this post :D .

  4. lol that was a fun post!...was fun reading that...

    why did i start blogging?... ermm cox i got extra stuff in my mind n all dat etc..., so wanted to keep a place full of it other than a stoooooopid book..heheh

  5. @Jufire, yeah. Thanks.

    @Iecco, that would be amazing I guess. It's kinda good to start early.
    Yeah, that must be hard, I guess.

    @Naina, hehe. Yeah, most of time when I do things, I never consider the WHY too.

    @Blacky, Thanks. Exactly. Plus books end!


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