Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 16

Another picture of myself, as if you guys aren’t bored already. But hey, I’m all up for shameless self promotion. =P


My usual weird pose whenever I don;t think people are talking pictures of me! Also, I love yellow, as if it isn’t obvious! Plus, this was the day I decided to dress up as a hufflepuff.Not a good idea, as people thought I was dressed like a Bee. Seriously! People don’t get me at all!!


Did I tell you I love posing around STOP signs cos I think they are cute. Some people may disagree. (yes, Iththi, I AM talking about you!). Also note, I AM NOT SLEEPING. I am just looking down!


  1. Haha! Because a stop sign is just the most obvious comfortable place to fall asleep on eh? ;) I love that you post everyday. It's fun to read your little updates. :D

  2. @Haiko, haha. exactly! =P

  3. still looks like to me that you are sleeping!

    btw we should pose for a photo like this =P
    im getting jealous with all these weird poses. haha!

  4. @iththi, whatever! get your eyes checked. =P

    haha. You will be taller than the STOP post, so I am not sure how it would look. =D

  5. lol!! u r one wierd girl, but u r wierd in ur unique way.. i jux love readin this blog!! heheh well no offence but u kinda would look like a bee with all that yellow but cum on dressing up like dat is monochromatic and thats also a style rite? not bad not bad.. n abt the stop sign i dunno.. i havnt encountered one dunno whether it would b the place where i wud take pics hehe

  6. @Blacky, haha. Thanks. I get that a lot. hehe. I kinda get inspired by weird things. hehe,you totally should.


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