Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 21

A picture of something that makes me happy. This is going to be a long post since a lot of things make me happy.
So here goes without any particular order.
cute rings. I love them. also decorated phones. specially PINK!! They scream “Shaha” and they always bring a smile to my face.

cute bags. How can you not smile when you see something like this?

Fairy dust, and kids in gorgeous dresses. Doesn't they go so well together?

People who inspire me to follow my dreams, my idol Doe and yellow flowers, specially daffodils.

Phineas and Ferb! (and Candace and Jeremy too) and Hermione and Ron (also anything Harry potter and Em and Rupert!)
Best friends, and hijabi’s with great style. Also people who walk in the street daily, wearing something that looks like they came from a page of a magazine.

Shoes! and more shoes. 
cute quotes (also great quotes) and BALOONS!!

babies, and cupcakes. =D
marshmallows and food that look too good to eat!
absolutely cute wedding cakes/birthday cakes/cakes and my favorite celebs
and so much more!! I am a usually happy person, so a LOT of things make me happy!!
PS most of the pictures are in my inspiration folder, so I don’t have the links.  If your picture is there and you want it removed, please mail me. No intention of any copyright violation.
What brings a smile to your face?


  1. omg i love almost all those rings! O_O

    haha i love the irony pic! XD

  2. @Naina, yeah. I havent been able to get even one good ring here is Maldives. almost all ones here are kinda girly or toy-ish. >.<

    haha. The bird must be smart. =P

  3. wow, they are so great ,
    i wish i knw what makes me happy ..

  4. @beauty, hehe. thanks. I'm sure you'd find some thing you love.

  5. Hehe.. Wat made me smile.. was the twilite pic..haha dats rly funny ;)
    Aww.. seeing u and nax here brings bak memories.. its pretty sad t kno dat the das i get to see u guys almost evryday is over.. but hapy t kno dat ur all duin well..
    Shaha, u dun have to doubt hw different u are.. cos honestly, i havent had a friend like you who never hesitates to do what she wants to do.. u have done so much and im sure theres mo to come... that, if anythin, makes u unique.. and i admire dat..

  6. @Rif, haha. I miss you too, so much. OS many memories. *sigh*
    Thankyou so much. =D


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