Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 17

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Who would I want to switch lives for one day and why?
Hmm, this is a hard question, I mean there are loads of people whom I would wanna switch lives, mostly celebrities, and kids (LOL).
But since I am only supposed to choose one person, I am gonna go with Jane from Sea of Shoes.  She’s an 18 year old fashion blogger. She is not really a celebrity (I bet that none of my friends even know that she exist!), but she is awesome. She has an amazing mom (but I have the most amazing mom!) and a great blog, the perfect boyfriend, a great home, the freaking-mega-awesome shoe collection, and her own shoe line. Also, she has great sisters, and she has been in the Chanel debutante Ball along with prince’s and other famous people.
Even though she and I have so different styles, and probably opposites of everything, I want to know how she lives for just one day.
Also on my list of people to switch lives with include David Archie, Tyra Banks, Rosie Hardy, Michelle Obama, Hansika Motwani, Shea, and that girl I once saw in Majeedhee Magu with two gay best friends. =D
And the fictional character that I want to switch lives with is Timmy, from Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron’s , Nancy Drew and Hermione Granger.
PS, It’s Muntha’s birthday today (Sept 13), so Happy Tenth Princess Myra! (I call her that. Don’t ask why)


  1. wow u got a gud choice wen it came to switchin places.. but a girl that u once saw in majeedhee magu with 2 gay bestfriends?..:S y?

  2. @Blacky, hehe. thanks. I know, lol. For a second, I actually wished I was her. haha

  3. Rosie Hardy as in the photographer?

    and why Hansika?

    btw you and Shums inspired me to like fashion a little more and of course my best friend. hehe. thank God people around me are influencing me into being more girl ...otherwise soon people would start thinking im actually a guy.

    ooh! if i start following this 30 day thing i know what id write for this post! *sneaky laugh*

  4. @Naina, yes! =D

    Hansika has always been my favorite star in bollywood, (after Bebo ofcourse). I started watching her kid series back when I was 7. Plus, she n I are same age. haha

    Awwh. I'm glad we did. hehe. It's not a bad thing being a tomboy. whenever I get tired of all these girly stuff, I try very tomboyish things, and it's kinda very soothing. haha. and not to emntion, tough!

    ooh. You should totally do it. =D

  5. oh then did you watch the series Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand? i used to watch that series religiously! and loved Hansika in it. but now i dont like her because of the way she looks now. feels like shes trying to be more mature than her age playing all those old-ish roles in movies. wish she'd stick to something young, u know?

  6. @Naina, yeah. me too. plus, she's doing the south thing now, chubby and old. I just don't get it. she's so talented, and only 18, why go down that road?
    Hope we can see some younger roles from her in future. =D


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