Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 19

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Nicknames I have, and why I have them.
Throughout the last eighteen years of my life, I’ve gathered up a few nicknames. A lot, actually, but some only remained overtime. My favorite is and has always been the usual nickname Shaha.
Some people call me Shaa, which is totally OK by me, since they think my real name is Shaha and try to shorten it, haha. Then, some call me Shaako (which always reminds me of Sharks. gee), Shahahahahah (cause I laugh way too much), Shaaha (another variation of Shaha) and ShaSha (I love this name. Still, it’s too Bratzy for me).
Then there are those unrelated names, including Baby (everyone in my pre-high school knows me as Baby, cause I was the youngest one there), Diary Girl (apparently, due to the blog name), hansikagirl ( my former blog and mig name), Bieber (LOL, as I hate this guy, and that’s why my crazy classmates decided to call me this! Argh!), Tinky WInky/Tink (a nickname few funny friends call me), and Nerdy (due to my almost nerd state!).
Next comes the family nicknames which are mostly Dhontha (I love this name) and another variation of it, Dhonthi (due to too many dhontha’s in the family).
Also, there are some ridiculous nicknames like Shahaada Ahmed Fareesh,(Don’t even ask me why, my classmates are bonkers!) and Blha Blah (again, by classmates cause I write and talk too much, Lol)


  1. this reminded me of a post i did sometime back >>

    nick names are fun eh?
    cool post =D

  2. haha. You've so many nicknames. hehe. Nice post there. =D
    yepp, fun! very much.
    Thanks. ^^

  3. i even thought ur real name was shaha? ein?

  4. @ieccco, hehe. Shaha is fine with me. =) I do like my real name though.


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