Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 18

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Plans/dreams/goals that I have. As most of the regular readers know, I am obsessed with making goals, lists, name it. So, I have like a thousand dreams and goals.
The most notable of them are
1. I wanna be a fashion designer. Actually a business woman, with a fashion line.
2. I want to do a PHD in Marketing
3. I want to visit all the countries in the world
4. Publish a book
5. Live my life fully!
I do have a gazillion more things that I wanna do before I die, which you can see by browsing through my monthly goals and new year resolutions and the Life list.
What are your goals/plans/dreams?


  1. DO a PHD? hadhaa nimeyiru hunnaany muskulhi vefa ennu? XD

  2. I know. =P That sounds pretty wrong, huh! I meant achieving a doctorate, ofcourse. hehe. And in the end, we all do get old, so there's no point in not doing something something I guess. (=

  3. My goal is to be rich and successful! LOL! AND be happy with the job i finally get stuck with.

    Nice goals you have! I bet you'll be an awesome fashion designer! I can already see it through your fashion blog and all. SERIOUSLY! :)

    Hope all your dreams come true! ♥

  4. live your life fully?
    u mean like 100years old or something?

    you should go for a ride around the world in a hot air balloon =P

  5. @Naina, haha. Eventually, that's every other person's goal too. =D good luck.
    awwh. Thankyou. I hope so too.

    @iththi, haha. no. live my life happily for around 40 years. =p

    hmm, that sounds fun. LOL

  6. even i want to travel around the world!!

    good luck with achieving ur dreams!

  7. @ieccco, cool. thanks. you too (=


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