Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 13

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A letter to someone who has hurt you recently! whoa. I don’t let people hurt me. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Thanks to sarcasm, and positive thinking, and Ice-cream, I've been having good relationships with people. However, hurt isn't inevitable. At some point, I just get hurt, specially by the people whom I never thought would hurt me. But I never hold grudges. OK, almost never! Actually the last people to hurt me were some classmates, but I've gotten over it, and I don’t really have anything to say to them.
As most of you might already know, I am entirely bonkers, and so I make up stuff in my mind all the time. One of these things, is a guy named Ben, his girlfriend Leia, who btw is two timing with my stepbrother Freddie (I do have a step brother, and Freddie is a perfected version of him. LOL). So, I am gonna write a letter to Ben, whose short for Benqjirkinsonn(pronounced as Ben-Jerk- in-son).
Not so dear Ben,
It’s not my problem that your girl friend cheats on you. And it’s definitely not my problem that she’s a freaking gold digger. Get a life! ( and a new girlfriend).
Much love, (and good luck in getting rid of Leia) , Shaha!
On an unrelated note, Ben didn’t hurt me (Ben is a fictional character, for gods sake. He can’t go on hurting people or making them feel like Miss-fatty!)
Also, I should learn to hold grudges more often so next time a post like this comes up, I wouldn't have to write a fake letter to a fictional Ben-Jerk!


  1. gold digger? seriously?

    can't really understand this fictional things sometimes =]

  2. @iththi, Come on! You know me. I must be crazy. LOL

    well, you should try reading more fictional stuff. LOL

  3. good for you! grudges are good for health :)

  4. @Naina, Really? I never knew that. haha. Thanks.=D


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