Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 22

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Today is about a topic I absolutely love blabbering about. What makes me different from others.
Honestly speaking, I am like a lot of people, but not entirely alike. I try to think of me someone completely unique, but then that’d make me an alien, which I am not. So no matter how hard I try to be different, I kinda keep falling back to the spot. so, I’ve stopped the trying, and started just living, just being me for a change.
I’m a lot like those skinny buruga girls, yes. I agree. But I don’t follow the latest fashions, I make my own! When everyone else wears flats, I wear 6 inch heels. That how different it gets.
I’m a very out of the box person. I talk really fast in class so that people won’t understand what I am saying. It’s kinda fun too. I make up silly excuses and expect people to believe them just because I would believe it. I’m a lot like Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, questioning everything, and trying to believe the things others would find queer.
I make up stories when I walk alone so that I don’t have to look all scared and alone. I make up songs about everyday things. I write a lot. I sing, dance, and design!
I pick shoes to match my dress, talk in gibberish when I’m lost for word, play dress up when people are sleeping and pose to pictures when everyone is being camera-shy. I don't try to blend in. I dress like it’s a fashion show everyday. I am too busy dreaming to actually realize how cruel the world is. I like to think I am quite different from others, but then again, I donno all the people in the world personally so there still remain the question of exactly how much different I am. 
I’m not sure how I am different from everyone else because no matter what different thing I’ll do, someone in the world, some one else would do the same. After all, great minds think alike.


  1. "I make up silly excuses and expect people to believe them just because I would believe it."
    ^ i remember the one u tweeted about. something to do with u not having matching heels or smth was the reason for not being able to go somewhere? right? haha! and u said your friends actually bought it.

    Love this post Shaha! :D *thumbsup*

  2. @Naina, haha. yeah. Eventhough my excuses would be cool, but kinda not believable, but they know me better.
    They wouldn't actually believe of I made a good excuse like others.
    Thanks. =D

  3. sounds like you are unique... just like everybody else :)

  4. @subcorpus, haha. I am now convinced there is no way you can be unique.


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