Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 10


Today is about one of my favorite things, SONGS!!

Music and songs, I’ve known them since forever, but I only recently started discovering the forms of music, many different artists, and instruments, and it has opened my eyes into a new world full of lovely music. Since then music has taken over my life. =P

There are a lot of songs that I love, some because they were sung by people I love, others cos they are like my story,and some because they just have an air of mystery around them.

Songs that I listen to when I am:


1. Aaya Re – Chup Chup Ke – Love the video. This used to be my fav song when the movie first came out, and it still is one of my favorites.

2. Fabuluous – Ashley Tisdale – Whenever I need to feel fab, I turn to this song, and it has never failed me, EVER!

3. Crush – David Archie – My favorite song of all times. It is my go to song whenever I am, bored, sad, or happy!

4. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas – Love the video.

5. That’s How You Know – Enchanted – you just need a bit of Oprah type music in your life.

6. Eyes Like Yours – Shakira – one of my first favorite English songs.

7. Malekey Effadha – Meera, Shamoon – This song just makes me smile every time I hear it.


1. Achchi Lagti Ho – Kuch Naa Kaho – whenever I am sad, this song makes me feel like whatever I do, there is always someone that would love me for who I am.

2. It’s Alright, It’s OK – Ashley Tisdale – The best breakup song, ever!

3. Two Voices One Song – Barbie and the Diamond Castle – This song keeps my hope alive.

4. I wanna Know you – Miley ft David Archie -  two of my favorite people together, makes me feel like the world still has hope.

5. The Climb- Miley Cyrus – Hope, this song is all about hope.

6. If Cupid Had a Heart – Selena Gomez - to remind me that I will someday fall in love

7. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift – whenever I am dreaming about something that I want, but cant get.


1. Tere Intezaar – Rahul Vaidya – my  Hindi song of all time. It can never fail to make me feel alive, happy and fresh.

2. Sweet Sixteen – Hilary Duff – to remember the times when I was sixteen!

3. Hoedown Throwdown – Turn it full, and dance like crazy.

3. Wake Up America – Miley Cyrus – cos I’d rather listen to songs about Global Warming. haha

5. Round and Round – Selena Gomez – I just love the lyrics.

6. Airplanes – B.o.B ft Hayley – No matter how many times I hear it, it never gets old.

7. Gulhaalee Loabin – Samau, Dhifla – cos Samau is my favorite Dhivehi artist and cos I have heard him sing since I was 10 years old!


1. I Hate Luv Stories – Vishal Dadlani – It gives me an instant energy boost just by listening to this.

2. Desi Girl – Dostana This is such a fun song, whenever I play it I can see in my head how Amitabh and John dance. LOL

3. Ye Ishq Hai – Jab We Met – This is another crazy song that just makes me feel all funny and hyper.

4. Tell me something I donno – Selena Gomez – this song is fun, interesting and its kinda related to my life.

5. Remember December – Demi Lovato – because this song is just so heavy and fun!

6. Get Back To Hogwarts – AVPM – cos Hogwarts is where I belong.

7. Keeve Mihithaa – one of the few Dhivehi songs that  never get bored of.


1. The Cuppy Cake Song – Amy Castle – it helps me get over anger. =D

2. & Things – Miley Cyrus – its a temper control song. LOL

3. Nobody's Perfect – Miley Cyrus – to remind myself that everyone makes mistakes.

4. Forever and Always – Taylor Swift – to get out all the anger!

5. I’m My own Grandpa – it’s so fun, after listening to this, I cant stay mad!

6. Cheater Cheater – Joey ft Rory – cos it reminds me everyone needs a backup song.

7. Foheleethibaa – it really doesn't d much, but soothes!

What are your go to songs?


  1. omg how do i not remember this song from 'chup chup ke' you mentioned? i remember all the other songs except this :\ so weird. maybe it was cut in the version of the movie i saw. hm.

    [this comment's gona be long :$)

    Crush & Boom Boom Pow = i love!

    Achchi Lagti Ho - omg! i used to love this song too and the movie. i love LOVE Abhishek and Ash is cool too. but most of all i love their pairing. can't get enough!

    The Climb - i think u replied to a tweet of mine dho where i said i love this song. it rocks. gives me hope, as u said.

    Airplanes - LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I Hate Luv Storys - so right, i feel like dancing every time i hear the song :D

    Desi Girl - fed up of it, i used to be addicted to it!

    Ye Ishq Hai - reminds me of my 19th bday cuz it was one of the songs in the "bday dance songs playlist" lol.

    O_O im a hindi song addict, i admit. hahahaha. love this post, girl! :D

    sorry if the long comment annoyed you.

  2. @Naina, Maybe, I just love the song. It's the one where they dance in some amazing scenery. Kareena actually sings in the song, which is weird. I think it was a dream or something. haha

    I never saw the movie, but when I was in guide camp, it was a hit song. hehe. I saw the video recently and loved it more. Personally not a fan of either.

    Yeah,haha. We have similar taste. (=

    Desi Girl is kind of like that, but I don't listen to it too much, so that it still remains a favorite. hehe.

    awwh. I love Kareena and so, I just love all her songs. This one, is so much "me" ish. =P

    Yepp, me too. People think its weird that I love Hindi songs and movies more than English ones, but I am a wholeheartedly Hindi fanatic. =P

    Love long comments. I can never give short comments cos I always have so much to say. =P

  3. Awh I listen to Cuppycake when I'm angry too! :D I always crack up when she says "Snoogums-Boogums"

  4. @Haiko, yes! haha. me too. er voice is just soo cute. =D


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